Hi Team! This week’s I’ve got 5 simple, totally minimalistic tips to plan for retirement, or to use as a how-to guide when planning for retirement. Thinking about tomorrow can be daunting, let alone planning for 30 to 50 years into the future, I completely understand. These 5 tips will help you today, with simple day-to-day money management in planning, saving, spending, and controlling debt, so that when you do reach closer to wanting to retire, or plan in greater depth and detail, you’ve all ready got the framework and habits under control.

In mapping out expenses, be your best and most ruthless version of a minimalist. In order to get to where you want to be, investing will help – and saving more like 15-20% of your income (eventually), vs. saving merely 10% (which is still a great place to start) in order to invest, is where you want to stride towards.

The 5 tangible, start-today tips I share on how to plan for retirement will at minimum help you change the way you think about spending, saving, and investing on the how-to, why, and how-much side.

This is just a skim of the surface to retirement planning, and one important note is to always keep in mind that inflation is one of those things that is part of the package. I didn’t bulk in or mention additional expenses or life circumstances that need to be accounted for or bulked into retirement planning, I rather rounded them up in to the approximation on dollar spend needed monthly to make things simpler for this example. In further videos we will cover the work backwards part of this video on how to plan for retirement in greater detail, so hang tight 🙂

Thanks so much for joining me! If you have any comments of questions please let them below, or feel free to contact me directly at: sloan@sloanlauinger.com

Big love, finance & flow, x Sloan

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